Blockchain technology as a tool for reaching the sustainable development goals: SDG 9

AutorJosé David Araya Navarro
Vol.2, núm . 1
enero-ju nio del 2022
ISSN: 16 59 1623 70
Blockchain Technology as a tool for reaching
the Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 9
José David Araya Navarro
Fecha de recepción: 25 de agosto de 2021 | Fecha de aprobación: 01 de diciembre de 2021
The world is at the verge of extinction, humans keep destroying the only world they have
although some of the experts say they should stop polluting and over exploding the natural
resources to make a change and save it. Still, this has not become a popular behavior,
however there are some advantages at that stubborn attitude, the technological development.
Due to the imminent necessity of creating something new every day, the world is at its prime
when referring to technological advances. Everything is becoming digital, but is it possible
that these new trends help to solve the other crises? No one knows yet, however, these new
technologies have shown a great potential at helping reach a balance in today’s society.
More specically complying with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also known
as 2030 Agenda, with the help of new trending technology like Blockchain. The paper looks
to answer the following question, how this technology is being used to comply with the
SDGs? For this purpose, a literature review was conducted to gather the information about
this issue. Having as a result nding about modern processes involving the blockchain
technology that will help reach this Agenda in the future especially regarding Goal number
9, about industry, innovation, and infrastructure.
Key words:
Blockchain; SDGs; Cooperation; Innovation; Technology
Blockchain Technology as a tool for reaching the Sustainable
Development Goals
As time goes by the world is entering into a more digital reality. Every decade, or even
every year, comes with new technological advances that awe every person on the planet.
1 Jose David Araya Navarro, Bilingual Bachelor’s Degree in Internat ional Relations, ORCID: 0000-00 02-
5007-6690, Email:

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