First CBD Oil Registry Issued In Costa Rica

Author:Mr Roy Thompson

The Costa Rican Ministry of Health has issued the first CBD oil registry on July 2019. This event represents the beginning of the Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp era for Costa Rica and probably for the Central American region.

The issuing of the registry will generate a business opportunity for companies all over the world interested in selling their products in the region. Our firm has followed all these events and we have conformed an experienced team regarding sanitary registers, brands, IP and every service required by our local and international clients.

The Costa Rican Congress is already studying a bill that facilitates the establishment of the Medical Cannabis and Hemp industrial production in the national territory, giving the companies the possibility to export finished products.

We believe the time has arrived for the Medical Cannabis and Hemp industry to develop in the Central American region, improving its economy with new infrastructure, jobs, fresh income from taxes and also giving the consumers the access to products manufactured with the highest standards in the world that will improve their lives.

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