Gary B. Born

AutorWilmer Cutler Pickering Hale - Dorr LLP
VIII Edición, I semestre 2018
Gary B. Born
Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and
Dorr LLP
VIII Edición, I semestre 2018
Mr. Gary B. Born is an eminent international
lawyer, arbitrator, and academic, with topnotch
expertise in international arbitration and litiga-
tion. He is widely acknowledged as one of the
best professionals in his practice, worldwide.
Mr. Born has recently and successfully partici-
pated in numerous international proceedings, in-
cluding ICC arbitrations seated in Paris, London,
Singapore, and Hong Kong, a WIPO arbitration
seated in Geneva, an ad hoc investment arbitra-
tion seated in Singapore, an ICSID arbitration,
and various LCIA arbitrations seated in London.
Additionally, in the past decades, he has served
as counsel in some of the most important inter-
national arbitrations, as well as in significant in-
ternational litigation matters of European entities
and a United States petroleum company. He has
also served as expert witness in numerous Swe-
dish, English, US, Japanese, and other courts.
From 2009 to 2018, Chambers Global awarded
Mr. Gary Born a recognition for “Star Individual
and Most in Demand Arbitrator”. He was also
granted the 2019 accolade for “London Arbitra-
tion and Mediation Lawyer of the Year”. Further-
more, on 2018, Chambers Europe granted him
the award for “Outstanding Contribution to the
Legal Profession”.
Mr. Born is the author of multiple and influential
works in his fields of expertise. His treatise “In-
ternational Commercial Arbitration” is consid-
ered the standard text in the field of international
arbitration. On the other hand, his commentary
and materials titled “International Civil Litiga-
tion in the United States Courts” is in its fifth edi-
tion. It is considered a reference work on interna-
tional litigation, and is credited with having cre-
ated this field in the United States.
Recently, Mr. Born has been working on an ini-
tiative called “Arbitration Intelligence”, that uses
technology to promote fairness, transparency, ac-
countability, and diversity in international arbi-
trator appointments, by increasing and equaliz-
ing access to critical information about arbitra-
tors and their decision making.
In July, 2018, Mr. Born visited Costa Rica to par-
ticipate in a conference on “Innovation, Technol-
ogy, and Law”, hosted by HDuarte Legal and the
Centro Internacional de Conciliación y Arbitraje
(CICA) of the Cámara Costarricense-
Norteamericana de Comercio. We deeply thank
HDuarte Legal and its founding partner, Mr. Her-
man Duarte, for inviting Mr. Born and for the
support provided to make this interview possible.
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