Judicial Proceedings Against The State In Costa Rica Could Be Accelerated According To A Proposal Of Legal Reform

Author:Ms Kathya Araya

This week an International Seminar organized by the Costa Rican Bar Association was held, in order to discuss a preliminary draft reform of the Contentious Administrative Procedural Code, aimed at accelerating judicial proceedings against the State and its institutions, for the benefit of the citizens.

The Code has 10 years of having entered into force and there is already enough accumulated experience to be able to review some of its provisions regarding precautionary measures, appeals and appeals so that these legal tools can be used efficiently and thus provide prompt and accomplished justice.

Members of the Public Law and Environmental Law team of Dentons Muñoz in San José, attended the call and participated in the seminar along with judges, lawyers, magistrates, representatives of the Attorney General's Office, and some other litigators.

Three international speakers of very high level gave their contributions. We refer to the German professor Hermann-Josef Blanke, Mrs. Maria del Pilar Teso Gamella Magistrate of the Spanish Supreme Court and the French university professor Gilles Guglielmi. All of them referred to their legal systems in relation to contentious-administrative processes and made important suggestions to enrich the draft reform.

"It is necessary to anticipate and prepare for the changes that are already being conceived, it is part of our...

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