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  • Expanding Cannabis Operations in Latin America & The Caribbean: Costa Rica

    Medical Use: It´s prohibited in accordance to Law 8204 and 5395. Recreational Use/Adult Use: It´s prohibited in accordance to Law 8204 and 5395.... Please see full Chapter below for more information.

  • LATIN AMERICA & THE CARIBBEAN: A Legal Guide for Business Investment and Expansion - Costa Rica

    1 .What role does the government of Costa Rica play in approving and regulating foreign direct investment? Costa Rica has long been recognized as a regional leader of social and economic development in Latin America. The Costa Rican government welcomes foreign investment. This positive attitude is backed by all major political parties. Since 1982, Costa Rica has consistently improved...

  • Doing Business in Latin America and The Caribbean: Costa Rica

    In the last ten to fifteen years, Costa Rica has expanded its economy to include strong technology, services and tourism sectors. Its 2012 population was estimated at just over 4.6 million people. The Costa Rican legal system is based on the Spanish civil law system with judicial review of legislative acts in the Supreme Court. Costa Rica is a democratic republic; the president is elected...

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